Mental Health at the Workplace

Stress is a “normal psychological and physical reaction”’ to the always increasing demands of life and lawyers work in one of the most arduous job sectors.

We see it imperative for employers to identify needs for appropriate stress management in the work place to ensure good mental health for employees.

In this week’s edition we would like to share some techniques that may help reduce stress at your work place:

Always eat healthy to ensure overall physical and mental well-being.

Plan well and make use of an electronic or manual diary.

Try to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking.

Keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep well hydrated.

Try to limit your caffeine intake to 1 coffee a day.

Take out time to talk to your colleagues about any matters you feel uncertain about.

Try to exercise 3 days a week.

Use a short portion during work hours for “time out” to empty your thoughts and relax.

Visit a masseuse fortnightly.

Don’t always stay in the office (if possible), try to change up your day, visit clients and eat lunch outdoors.

By RSG Lawyers.