When did your business last review your employment agreements? New Financial Year!

When did your business last review your employment agreements?

The beginning of the new financial year might be a perfect time to review and update your employment agreements. As employment law develops and changes, a review will ensure that terms are relevant and that they are in compliance with current legislation.

Some of the issues that RSG Lawyers would examine to ensure your business is compliant are:

  1. Is the agreement in compliance with current legislation and National Employment Standards?
  2. Do your employee’s position description, duties and responsibilities adequately reflect what is actually being performed by the employee?
  3. Is the termination notice period still appropriate for both senior and junior employees?
  4. Are post employment restraints appropriate and expressly covered?
  5. Does the employment agreement afford protection over your business’ confidential information?
  6. Are remuneration issues and policies appropriately covered?
  7. Does the employment agreement expressly state what policies apply to the employee?

Should your Employment Agreements require updating, please call RSG Lawyers on (03) 9350 4440 or email info@rsglaw.com.au.


Shruti Dahal


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