The Administrative Appeals Tribunal?

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal is an independent review body that has the authority to review decisions made by the officers of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Decisions, which could have been reviewed in the former Migration Review Tribunal, are now reviewed in the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). In particular, visa refusal and cancelation decisions can be reviewed but they also have the right to review decisions relating to the approval or cancellation of sponsorship and nomination. In the case that you have had a visa application refused and wish to have the decision reviewed, the AAT offers this opportunity with the potential to have the decision reversed.

The tribunal represents a ‘last chance’ opportunity for visa applicants and holders of cancelled visas to have an independent assessment of their case based on its merits. During this review process, you may introduce new evidence to support your visa application or argue against cancellation. It is viewed as a new review of your case and offers an opportunity to remedy any problems in your original application. Visa applicants are given a chance to address whatever problems caused by the visa refusal. It is important that an AAT review is carried out with the best possible written submissions and supporting materials as applicants only get one chance at this review.

It is important to know your rights and the right to an AAT review. You must be aware of the strict time limits imposed by the AAT which cannot be extended. At RSG Lawyers we can advise you of your options to pursue an AAT review, your time limits and how we will prepare and lodge your case documents with the AAT for the best possible chance of success. We offer a service which is designed to legitimately present your case in the best possible way, this includes:

* A review of your case and the reasons for refusal or cancellation

* Review of your supporting documents and suggestions for improvement

* Assistance with preparation of further supporting documents and statements

* Preparation of strong written submissions for the AAT review

* Preparation of all relevant review forms

* Lodgement of the review

* Communications between the Migration and Refugee Division regarding your case.

If you require any further advice or wish to proceed with the review process, please contact us today.


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