Personal Debt Recovery

At some point in our lives we may have debts owed to us. Perhaps a business partnership has ceased, a client has not paid for our services or a friend or relative has not repaid that $30,000 interest free loan we’ve given them. Attempting to recover one’s debt from others can be tedious, stressful and at times even dangerous. The multiple voice messages, emails and texts we leave to our debtors are mostly ignored. The mutual friend or work colleague who tried to mediate in order to seek resolution also failed. So what now?

Engaging a solicitor to resolve pending debt recovery matters is highly recommended as it formalises the process and is taken more seriously by debtors. If the initial demands are not met then legal proceedings can be initiated.

At RSG Lawyers we have so far maintained a 100% success rate in all our debt recovery matters. During our initial consultation with our clients we inquire about the matter and devise the best method to ensure we can recover your debt. Our solicitors then contact the other party and enter negotiations where they tactfully encourage both parties to cooperate.  Penalties and interest are also discussed and may at times be waived, based on our clients instructions, as an incentive for the debt to be re-paid. Should the other party not cooperate to reach a timely resolution then the matter may be escalated to the relevant tribunal or court which is usually determined based on the amount that is being claimed. We may also be able to recover our clients legal costs in certain instances.

By RSG Lawyers.

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